Monday, 2 January 2017

Lake View Revamped

I had been disilluisioned with Lake View for a while as it seemed to lack character.   I was even thinking of selling it and buying another house altogether and then inspiration hit in the middle of the night (why does it do that??).  

I decided to take away the bottom part which instantly made the house smaller and decided to keep the lounge and hall.  I moved the kitchen into what had previously been the bedroom and made it into a kitchen/diner.  In place of a bathroom I put in a home study/office/den.  I moved the bedroom up into the top 'mezzanine' floor.  I bought some new bedding from Elf Miniatures along with a clear dining table and a wonderful 'Apple iMac' computer and keyboard.  I also bought a new settee.   For the dining room I used the white chairs from a garden table and chairs I had purchased a couple of years ago and never used.   I do want some different more modern chairs in the future but in the meantime these will do.   You can see these in the Christmas photographs.   

I quite like the house now but it does need finishing off and a few more 'nick nicks' to make it more homely.    I know that there isn't much room between the dining table and the kitchen and there is no bathroom but there are no hard and fast rules as far as I am concerned in the world of miniatures :)   The house is still largely a 'work in progress' but it's getting there.

Please excuse the photos as these were all taken with my phone!!

Outside Lake View 
Office/Study/Den & Hall 
Lounge at Christmas
Lit up at Xmas
At Christmas 
Christmas inside
Christmas at night!
Kitchen/Diner - photo taken at strange angle!!
Hall at Christmas