Monday, 2 January 2017

Lake View Revamped

I had been disilluisioned with Lake View for a while as it seemed to lack character.   I was even thinking of selling it and buying another house altogether and then inspiration hit in the middle of the night (why does it do that??).  

I decided to take away the bottom part which instantly made the house smaller and decided to keep the lounge and hall.  I moved the kitchen into what had previously been the bedroom and made it into a kitchen/diner.  In place of a bathroom I put in a home study/office/den.  I moved the bedroom up into the top 'mezzanine' floor.  I bought some new bedding from Elf Miniatures along with a clear dining table and a wonderful 'Apple iMac' computer and keyboard.  I also bought a new settee.   For the dining room I used the white chairs from a garden table and chairs I had purchased a couple of years ago and never used.   I do want some different more modern chairs in the future but in the meantime these will do.   You can see these in the Christmas photographs.   

I quite like the house now but it does need finishing off and a few more 'nick nicks' to make it more homely.    I know that there isn't much room between the dining table and the kitchen and there is no bathroom but there are no hard and fast rules as far as I am concerned in the world of miniatures :)   The house is still largely a 'work in progress' but it's getting there.

Please excuse the photos as these were all taken with my phone!!

Outside Lake View 
Office/Study/Den & Hall 
Lounge at Christmas
Lit up at Xmas
At Christmas 
Christmas inside
Christmas at night!
Kitchen/Diner - photo taken at strange angle!!
Hall at Christmas 


  1. Your bathroom is at the back of the house, it's great when your plans come together. I have not done any mini work for ages, but it waits, I have loads of bits and bobs to use one day.

    1. Funnily Marlene I was trying to think of how to put a false door in, in the bedroom for a bathroom :) I've still got lots of unfinished projects as well as some not even started. Thanks to you a few months ago I started cross stitch again but haven't touched that for ages!

  2. I think everyone gets to a point with a project where they thing 'ugh, I will never finish this' It's good to step away and you invariably think of an idea to inspire again. I'm like you and often have brainwaves when I'm in bed. Must be when your mind is more relaxed. It looks great as is :0)

    1. You're right Pepper and thanks. The house has a long way to go but now I can see the way :) glad I'm not the only one with nightime brainwaves :)

  3. A revamp can let you see the property with fresh eyes - it looks good and it's nice to see you back. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Irene still got a long way to go but much happier with the way it's progressing 😊