Saturday, 28 November 2015

Goodness Me! How Long Has It Been?!

I cannot believe how long it's been since my last post - time flies!   Various reasons for not posting - having major problems with Blogger, not been well at all, mother in law not well (has dementia), under review at work ........I could go on but I won't!   I've been reading blogs though but for some bizarre reason have not been able to post and I've found it more and more frustrating - to the point that I'm still thinking of moving to Wordpress! Though today managing to post some comments - no idea what I've done - just been playing about on the computer with the settings (tried that in the past!)

Anyway enough of that - nothing much to report.  No work done on Lake View at all.   No work done on the lovely 1/24 scale houses and caravan from Petite Properties and I really miss not working on miniatures.   

No work done on the real life house either and that to-do list is getting longer and longer :) although this weekend I want to paint my real life fire surround in the lounge using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - and aarrgghh comes to mind because knowing my luck it won't work although we did paint our bedroom furniture and I love it!  

The review at work has been a complete farce (one definition of farce is: An event or situation that is absurd or disorganized!) but extremely stressful.  It's quite upsetting to see middle aged women in tears and such a lot of my colleagues have walked out and gone on sick leave!

Not organised for Christmas at all and it's literally only round the corner, although have bought my Christmas cards and today have just got out all my mini Christmas decorations ready for Lake View.   Tree and decorations in the real life house won't go up just yet! Our town has the Santa Parade tomorrow with Santa and the reindeer but it's going to be dreadful weather and it's also our village Santa parade too - feel quite sorry for them because such a lot of work has gone into preparing for it.  

Sunday, 17 May 2015


There will be a permanent display of houses by Caroline Hamilton and Jane Fiddick at Newby Hall, Yorkshire, UK and I am really looking forward to seeing it.
I wondered about combining a visit to Newby Hall with a visit to the Dolls House Fair in York on Sunday 7 June 2015 but also think that during the week may be quieter.   
Newby Hall is a lovely place to visit even without the excitement of seeing the wonderful creations by Caroline Hamilton and Jane Fiddick.
Here is the link for the exhibition 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Downsizing & Work in Progress

Goodness me it's been a long time since my last post! Yes I'm still here - got several excuses for not blogging - namely work, family issues, our new little business venture along with all the usual excuses!  However miniatures are always there in my mind!

Hubby and I managed to get to Miniatura and I purchased some great items for Lake View but ......... we kept going back to Petite Properties where I was totally taken with their new cottage, Pumpkin Cottage  in 1/24 scale!!! I have never done anything in this scale before but every time we go to a fair I always gaze longingly at Petite Properties stand.  Now I am the proud owner of Pumpkin Cottage and thoroughly enjoying working on it.  I have a peculiar feeling it won't be the last of Petite Properties projects!   

Pumpkin Cottage - work in progress!

I also purchased some great items for Lake View- two old fashioned car badges - AA & RAC from Truly Scrumptious and I've put these in two frames I got from Mitchy Moo Miniatures.   These have gone into the top room of Lake View which has seen a lot of changes.  I bought the fabulous chair from Mitchy Moo Miniatures as well as the crate you can see which has a piece of sliced agate on the top to make a table - this will have a light in it soon.   

I'd ordered a floating kitchen island and pop up socket from Elizabeth at ELF Miniatures and the floating island is partially built and hopefully finished this weekend.   I can't wait to see it lit up.