Saturday, 10 May 2014

Gifts and New Purchases

Once again I've not been very good at blogging - sorry! 

I received the most wonderful gifts from Marlene of Poppy Patchwork blog - a rug and a heart.  I've been watching Marlene's progress on the rug and it looked lovely but to see it in person is totally different - as it is even nicer than the photos show.  I have a project in mind for the rug and Marlene had asked me about the colours that I wanted and now I cannot wait to get started on the project.   

The heart has also found a home and hangs from a shelving unit in our bedroom and looks really nice. 

Thank you so much Marlene.   If you haven't read Marlene's blog you will enjoy it.

The wonderful rug and heart + card

The Rug 

When I was 'surfing the internet' looking for items for my new project to go with the new project, I find some lovely items for Lake View from Mitchy Moo Miniatures - a chair, whisky crates and picture frames.   These are beautiful and the chair and crates are in place but not the picture frames yet.  One of the crates has had a slice of agate put on top and made into a coffee table but I need another piece of agate as this one is not quite the right shape.  I'm very pleased with all of them and will definitely be buying more from Mitchy Moo.  Thank you.

The Chair, Frames & One Crate

The Chair and one crate in Lake View 


  1. Love the chair, can't wait to see more of this project. So glad you loved the rug, it was great fun stitching it.

  2. I love that you're using the crates as something other than crates. Very cool. Wow, the stitching on the rug is soo fine!

  3. Marlene love the rug :) and Pepper as soon as I saw the crates I knew that one was going to be a small table. Also going to try and put a small battery light in it :)

  4. Wonderful purchases! Yes, Pepper makes beautiful mintures, enjoy it all! I am curious to see the light in the small table/crate!
    The rug is gorgeous, beautifully embroidery work!
    Kind regards, ilona

    1. Thanks sorry for not replying sooner! Peppers minis are stunning. Sadly my house is packed away for real life decorating :( will post photos of the lit table soon! Marlene's embroidery is always gorgeous.

  5. Isn't Marlene AWESOME? I received an Alphabet heart form her . . . one that I had gushed over . . . it hangs on the knob of our medicine cabinet in the bathroom so I get to enjoy it every morning as I get ready for my day ahead.

    Your rug and heart are so pretty.

  6. Thanks Paula. I know what you mean - I smile every time I see Marlene's rugs and heart - I'm the same with all the miniaturists that I've ever bought from or had presents from:)