Saturday, 1 March 2014

Announcement & A New Venture

Today is the 1 March 2014 and it seems a good day to tell you all what I've been up to and also explain part of my absence from blogland! Nothing naughty before you all jump to conclusions!   I've also been hesitating as I wasn't sure I wanted to say anything!  Even more intriguing!  I just wanted to add that whilst I haven't been here much, I've enjoyed reading all your blogs.

A few months ago I decided to do a small business course on an evening run by our local council and one of the things I learnt from that was in starting up a small business do something you know about - well apart from being a Senior Secretary/PA the only other thing I knew about was either driving my husband round the bend and with hubby we've started up a small on-line business selling miniatures. We've designed the website ourselves. It does need tweaking and we want to change our header/logo slightly but as the saying goes ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

Our stock level is small but steadily increasing. Marlene sews beautiful rugs and supplied us with two very different and gorgeous rugs. We are still sourcing goods and that’s really quite enjoyable too. We are trying to encompass all aspects of miniatures and all periods and every time stock arrives and we open it, I say “I want....”!  Our sales have been small but steady.   I’m still working and not enjoying it but this little business has given me something to focus on and I find myself during the day thinking minis again. Hubby came up with the name – Insh Miniatures. Insh with a slightly different spelling - it’s a wonderful place in the Cairngorms, Scotland and my Grandfather was born near there so with a slight play on words the name came about.

The site is and we’ve also set up a blog to go with the online shop and if you don't see your blog name on our new blog don't worry it will be on soon - work in progress.

You’ve probably noticed I’m using Wordpress for the blog linked to the business. I really like Wordpress and find it so easy to use. They had such a wide variety of templates too and as they say a change is as good as a rest! I’m debating whether or not to change to Wordpress for My Wee Life! Decisions!  I will still be continuing with My Wee Life as it's been a part of me for some time but hopefully will do a few more posts.  

Setting this up has also given me the motivation to work again on Lake View and I finally ordered my kitchen from ELF miniatures – it’s not quite finished yet, still got the cooker hood and some shelves to go up but oh I love it. I ordered a bed and bedside table from ELF and just a couple of weeks ago bought the most divine bedding from Miniatyrmama. Again the bedroom is not complete but getting there.

I’ve also done some work on the very top room in Lake View and although still need to purchase a few little items it’s about finished - just a bit of tweaking here and there. The lounge is finished I think apart from a new TV and a few bits and pieces. The dining room needs new chairs for the table so I’m just using the existing ones at the moment and bits and pieces.   You will see the wonderful ghost chair I won and I’m thinking of purchasing another three for the dining table.  The dining table was made for me and I love it.

The bathroom is a work in progress but........I’ve got the shower unit ready to build and as you can see the sinks are in place.  One day it will be finished but it's a bit like our own old house - never quite done!