Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2014!  

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We had a fantastic time in Aviemore for Christmas.  The weather was not good on the way up, very snowy and the Santa Parade in Aviemore was cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions but a smaller parade took place on Boxing Day night.   

We couldn't fault the hotel and the food was lovely.   Christmas day was quite wet - sleety to be correct but we did have actual snow for a while - cold but lovely.   Lunch was delicious - 5 courses!!  This was the Christmas pudding which was the smallest choice in sweets.  

Boxing day was a lovely day and we went up to the Cairngorms for the snow.  

We came home on the Friday via Glasgow to see my Aunt and cousins.  We had a lovely meal with them and arrived home again through dreadful weather.  

Here's a couple of photos of my mantle piece and tree - they are not good as they were taken with the I-pad and I'm disappointed in the photos:  

Unfortunately when we came home we had to face the wrath of hubby's sister - she was one of the reasons we went away.  Several times a year she makes our life a misery and always does it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (we have hubby's Mum, sister, her partner and nephews round every year).    Anyway she was particularly nasty this year and if I'm honest ruined our New Year but it has done us both some good because I think we've finally toughened up and will not put up with any more nonsense from people (including the bullies from work!)   She even managed to upset me over my dolls-house and love of miniatures and thinks its time we stopped spending money on something so needless!!    

Anyway I had come across this idea of a memory jar and thought what a great idea - so have got myself a lovely Kilner jar and am going to fill it with good things, including nice quotes, tickets, photos of days out, etc and thought it will keep me positive this year.   

Lastly here's a photo of Lake View ready for Christmas that I quickly took with my i-pad and not happy with the quality but .......!!  The eagle-eyed amongst you will see that I've got my old dining table and chairs in place.  I am waiting to purchase some new chairs for the lovely new table I got from Michaela and her husband so put my old one back in just for Christmas!!  The kitchen is not finished yet but I love it so far.  

I got a new bed and bedside tables from ELF miniatures  but still lacking something for the corner and also for the bedside tables.  I also bought two lovely sinks from ELF for the bathroom - these are in situ on the other table that Michaela and Gareth made for me which fits perfectly in the bathroom.   Hubby also bought me a shower from ELF which hasn't been done yet (work in progress).  

I am still not happy with the top room so just quickly put a desk, etc in for Christmas but I am now thinking of just putting a lovely designer style chair in there and this lovely rug that Marlene sent me - I love the colours and think that will lift the room upstairs.   

I absolutely adore the fireplaces in Lake View which came from Jen Smith from JS Miniatures 

And lastly I just wanted to say that I know I didn't leave a lot of comments on your blogs in 2013, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your blogs - they gave me a lot of pleasure during what was a tough year for me - so thank you.   Here's to 2014.