Sunday, 8 December 2013

Memories of a good holiday ..........

Warning!  Long post and photo heavy!!  But at least you can catch up on your sleep when reading!

I've not posted for such a long time and I really must apologise.  Real life has certainly got in the way.  Firstly I've been so busy at work - 9 colleagues are on long term sick and  I'm working very long hours but that is stopping this week as it's too much.  Also I've not been well myself  with one or two things and just not feeling in the mood to write on my blog or even post on the forums though still have a peek at them!!!  

Some of you may remember this bite from a while back?   Well it turned out it wasn't a bite - it was Erythema migrans from Lyme Disease which meant that I had suffered a tick bite and this was one of the reasons I was feeling so ill and my joint problems have been exacerbated with it.  I was tested  and given a two weeks course of horrible strong antibiotics and I have to say thank you for all their help to Lyme  Disease  Action UK.  

Anyway enough - hubby and I had a fantastic holiday in the Cairngorms in September. We've been going up there for years and there was one place we had never visited and that was the Highland Folk Museum.  We had driven past it so many times.  It was worth the trip and for miniaturists and miniaturists who love history it was sheer heaven.   

Hubby had a go on the quad bikes and loved it and wanted to do more.........

We always manage to catch the red squirrels up there and they really are stunning.

We did quite a lot of mountain biking up there although I was still not confident after falling off and breaking my wrist!!  Nothing like a middle aged wobbly woman on a bike! 

One of the trails we did always takes us past the Green Loch which is a lovely walk and a great picnic spot. No-one knows why the water is green but it's possible the colour is from the trees lying on the loch floor or the tale that pixies use to wash their clothes in it! Whatever reason it's a stunning spot.  The beach is quite sandy but there is a viewing point which I headed up to and took a photo of the bench up there and then when I turned round to take a photo as hubby was at the far end, I spotted this padlock and after reading it and sitting looking at the spot it had been placed in, I found myself crying! Very moving.   The last photo was my husband behaving like a 'big kid' cycling through the water!!  He had about five trips through this!!

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The last photos are of the Cairngorm Reindeer - we decided to do the hill visit to see the reindeer and it was worth every second.   We were up there a couple of hours and got to feed the reindeer!  

Well that was my fantastic holiday.  You can wake up now!!!  

I haven't completely neglected my miniatures during this time though and Lake View is coming along nicely and I will post photos later!  My kitchen is almost finished in Lake View and I got a new bed and bedside tables (but severely lacking all the finishing touches).  Bought the shower unit from ELF miniatures as well as the kitchen but that's not started yet.  Still you can't rush these jobs.   

And for me the best bit is still to come.................hubby and I are running away at Christmas.  We are being a bit selfish this year and part of me does feel a wee bit guilty but we've had Christmas Day and Boxing Day at our house for the last eight years and want a break!  And we both feel it's been a long, hard year so we're going to the Cairngorms and Aviemore!  My hubby isn't one for surprises but when he does it's a big one!!  I cannot wait.  Going to see the Christmas and Santa Parade on Christmas Eve.