Monday, 24 June 2013

Quick update

Just thought I would bore you all with a quick update.  Went to work this morning as usual apart from the fact was in dreadful pain and hubs had to help me get ready including my hair (Vidal Sassoon he is not!!).  Watching the clock go round until my next lot of painkillers when the phone rang and it was A&E asking me to go back down as there was an abnormality in the X-ray.  Went down saw a very nice Consultant and sent for some more X-rays.  This is the result: 

Red plaster cast
Yup my wrist is fractured - the plaster cast is on for at least four weeks!!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nettles & bikes - not a good mix!

This morning was all planned out - bike ride, dry build The Retreat and some other mini work. Went out for the bike ride, weather was mixed with some black clouds appearing.  As we live in a village and I'm still not confident I tend to stick to the pavements as very few pedestrians around.  We always cycle up to our local airport and on the way back I use a footpath which is quite narrow.  On this narrow footpath there was a huge gigantic thistle in the way.   Brain didn't engage and tell me to stop ..... So I tried to wobble round it, fell off the kerb, crashed onto the pavement and landed on my right wrist and a pile of nettles!!

Stinging Nettle

The stinging nettles were so painful, my wrist started to swell and I have a huge graze on my right knee.Anyway had a trip to A & E at the hospital where I work, had an X-ray and the diagnosis is "no obvious fracture, we'll put a wrist splint on, pain relief and if it's still painful in a week, come back".  

So sadly no mini work for a few days :(

Images courtesy of  Google images