Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Winner!

I apologise for the long absence and that this thank you post has taken so long as well.  I had my cast removed and the pain increased - turns out I've got torn tendons too!  I've also been unwell and had a few real life issues (as we all do)!

Anyway enough of that.............I won a giveaway and it's stunning :) The giveaway was on Mona's blog (and if you haven't seen this blog, make a cuppa and read through it).  l thought the giveaway was just the cabinet and picture but it was everything you see in the photo including the 'ghost chair' plus so much more which I am unable to show you because for some reason blogger is misbehaving and will not allow me to post the photos the right way up (despite numerous attempts and the photos look really strange as if they've been painted badly!!!  The other items and material were beautiful.

I have found a place for everything but will have to wait for the retreat to be built for some of the items. I'm also going to buy another three 'ghost chair's for my dining room.  They are beautiful and a big thank you for pullling my name out.  It's certainly inspired me to do some more work on Lake View. I will try and take some more photos this week and have another go.