Monday, 22 April 2013

Sorry for myself :(

This is me today!  I sound like a seal when I cough, hurt my back coughing and spent Saturday in bed not eating or drinking so I should lose weight this week on the plus side.

 I'm still going in to work because we've got so much work to do and another colleague is on holiday today.  Got some Nurofen, Paracetamol and cough medicine and of course a giant box of tissues!


  1. Take care of yourself, try not to over do things, and early to bed tonight xxx

  2. Poor you. :( I've just had the dreaded seasonal bug and the worst thing I did was go back to work because they were desperate (and so was I :D). If you have sick leave, take it! You aren't going to help anyone dosing up and not resting and making it drag on a few weeks longer plus sharing the germs!

    You do have all my sympathy despite the firm words. Whatever is going around does leave you miserable.

  3. Thanks Marlene & Christine. Had another early night still feeling dreadful. Trouble is two colleagues off so covering for them & the manager is pushing us to extinction and our jobs are under review :(

  4. Hope you feel better soon Laura. Not much fun being sick is spring when you want to be out enjoying. That job of yours will be the death of you....

  5. You can say that again Susan and after threatening to write the book about it all I've now got a title and story line :)

  6. Being sick is the worst! I hope you are feeling all better now. Don't work too hard.