Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How Time Flies & World Book Night

My how time flies - New Years was the last time I posted - sorry blog land!  Real life has got in the way. Work is really busy even more than before, lots more hours all unpaid and more bullying.  On top of that we have a major admin review starting.  Stress is beginning to take its toll at the moment.  I've been wondering about starting up on my own but only at the research stage.

 I do have two small mini projects under way but not done enough to reveal yet so they'll have to wait for a wee while.

World Book Night  - this takes place on 23 April 2013 and I've been successful as a 'giver' and my book of choice is No 1 Ladies Detective Agency - I love these books


  1. Time just whizzes by nowadays!

    It's a pity your workplace isn't more pleasant. If only those who are set on creating stress could see how much happier and more productive everyone (including themselves) is in a harmonious environment.

    I'll look forward to seeing your new projects when they are 'showable'.

  2. I love these books too! Do you know if there has been a new one for 2013? xo Jennifer

  3. Think his last one was in 2012! Have you read any of his other series? I've just started on the 44 Scotland Street series and quite enjoying it.