Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cairngorms and Back

Just had a great week in Aviemore and The Cairngorms.  It was mixed weather with spells of sun and snowy showers.  I love it so much up there and would give anything to live up there.  We went out on our bikes and I cycled in the snow for the first time!  Came back home yesterday but not back at work until Thursday.  

My major disappointment was not calling into the Dolls House Emporium at Carlisle as I was hoping to buy The Retreat:(  I've got some great ideas for mini projects whilst up there!
Here's a few photos from the last week (these were taken with my mobile phone as I hoped to post each day and didn't!)

Stunning view from Cairngorms

The snow was higher than our car on the way up to the Cairngorms

We cycled on the snowy trails


  1. Oh, all that snow! I'm so jealous at the end of a sweltering summer. Hope you are feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready for miniatures.

  2. Ha don't be too jealous Susan had a scary journey coming home because of the snow but had a great time :) I've got lots of mini ideas at the moment and other ideas for leaving work !!!

  3. It looks such a beautiful spot. Do the mountains have snow on them all year around?
    Pity about the DHE - Thank goodness for mail order!

  4. Lovely photos and you're game cycling in the snow.

  5. Don't know about game Irene more like daft :)
    Christine the extreme top sometimes has snow all year. Been in touch with DHE about the floor size for the retreat prior to ordering to make sure my idea is going to work!!

  6. What a fantastic thing to do a winter getaway. It really helps to recharge and be away from the demands of the city.
    Regards Janine