Monday, 7 May 2012

New bike - not mini but small!!

Hubs and I bought bikes a few weeks ago - 30 years since we've been on bikes!!!!  I had to buy a bike with a very small frame as I'm only just 5' tall.  One shop said that I would have to look at children's bikes!  Anyway we've been doing a circuit from our house of approximately 4.5 miles (most of it flat). and decided the time had come to 'cycle out' into the brave new world and first stop was Sutton Bank.  We asked for an easy route but I think the 'very pleasant lady' behind the counter had a sadistic streak!   We did 6.75 miles and I fell off (haven't got used to putting my feet down when stopping!!). 

The first photo is some of the tractor tracks at Sutton Bank which were really difficult to ride over and the second photo is the spot I fell off at! It may look flat but it was on a slope and I rolled down someway! I'm pretty sure that a satellite in space captured it and I'll be on You Tube at some point!

Yesterday we went off the Kielder thinking it would be fairly quiet even though it's a bank holiday, but no it was like Piccaddily Circus.   We set off on what I thought was one of the easier routes but hubs had mis-read it and it was a 'wee bit tougher'.  I made a complete fool of myself as couldn't even get up the slope from the car park :)   We made it to almost 3.5 miles and decided to call it a day and cycle back.  There were children doing better than us but at one point even seasoned cyclists were struggling up the hill so that made us feel much better:)  Even on the wayback it was uphill! Just as we were putting the bikes back on the rack the heavens opened including hailstones.  

The first photo is my lovely bike after the ride and the next one is the rain from the car !