Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lake View's new name & name plaque

At last Lake View has a name 'Obair-na-Ghaol' which translated means Labour of Love.  I heard the name on a TV programme and loved it. 

I then contacted Julie Lawton to ask if she could make me a house sign and it is beautiful.  The colours sum up Scotland very well.  For the time being I've put it on the door frame but think it will probably stay there.  

Saturday, 14 July 2012


From Google Images
I had to have some dental work done last Friday and opted for sedation, because I am terrified of the dentist!  The dentist told me that removing one particular tooth was going to be difficult.  A few hours later woke to incredible pain which didn't go away.  Saw an emergency Doctor on Sunday morning who prescribed a cocktail of pain relief which did work but unfortunately brought me out in a dreadful red itchy, burning rash! Next morning went to my doctors but saw a locum who must have retired about 40 years ago!!  Got anti-histamines and went off to work but the pain got worse and I came home.

Had no sleep and then off to the Doctors again the next morning and saw my own GP who gave me steroids for 5 days!   Then off to my Dentist (still shaking because I hate going!) where they treated me immediately for 'dry socket' and put me on strong antibiotics. 

I had put a post up on one of the miniature forums and thankfully a member on there is a dental nurse who advised me to go back to the dentist and told me she thought I might have dry socket and I am very grateful to her - she was spot on :)

Today, I am still in a lot of pain and feel quite yucky but hopefully on the mend although last night was dreadful and I had to resort to some strong painkillers.   I am getting sick of eating soups, mashed potato, scrambled eggs and yoghurt.  BUT today I actually feel like doing some mini work and might try and post up later some additions/alterations to Lake View :)