Friday, 23 March 2012

Quirky Items for Lake View

Last September I purchased a wee Highland Cow for Lake View and last week bought one of the Eames elephant stools from Elf Miniatures!   I wanted to include items that would show my Scottish side and my love of Elephants (I also spent time in Africa for a few years) and I wanted items that were 'quirky or different'.  They are not to everyones taste and I'm sure that Mr C thinks I've lost the plot :)  Anyway here's some photos: 




  1. They are really different.I've wondered what the elephant looks like.

  2. Aaaaaah!!!! LOVE IT!!! i never knew there was a miniature version of it. I went to see an exhibition called XXsmall (bout miniatures of course :)) last month, in a regular museum. I always go through the museum shops cos i just love design and the quirky things you can buy in there. My eye was caught by this same elephant and i took a few pics of it. Your post reminds me i should do a post on it. It's just utterly adorable!! Enjoy it:D

  3. Oh, I also fell in love with these elephants at elf´s...but I kept strong. I´m green with eager now when I see yours :-)...but maybe I´ll decorate a modern dollhouse one day.
    Enjoy your elephant!