Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wee Witchy Cottage

Thanks to Mr C I've managed to get Wee Witchy Cottage almost ready for Halloween.   He managed to get all the lights done for me and I took a very strong painkiller and finished the painting.  I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.  I do need curtains and bedding though (especially bedding!).  A garden will be added later and possibly a lean-to as well. 

You will see the delightful mushrooms in a basket and books that Christine made - they are stunning!   I've got some of Kat's hats on display as well as some other items that she made.   There are also items from Nikki.  The two pumpkin lights were made by Ray Storey.  The cat, the candles on the fireplace, the timer and the hat at the back were from Mags  - when I saw the hat and broom I immediately thought that they would do nicely as a lamp stand and it's worked quite well :)  Amazing how we get these ideas!!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

DeQuervains's update!

Just thought I would bore you all with a quick update.  I went to see a private physiotherapist who advised against the injection! He did say he would happily recommend an injection into the shoulder, elbow, hips, knees but the wrist is the most painful place to have it done!! He thoroughly examined my wrist and hand and explained all about Dequervains. He performed ultrasound treatment; however he is concerned that I may have a fracture or 'ripped' the tendon and has told me to get an x-ray (which won't show the tendon).  He also said that I should be resting the hand and wrist and certainly not working! I'm pretty sure when people tell you to rest they giggle behind your back - have they ever tried 'resting'??  I have a lot to do today and I am going to take some strong painkillers because I am determined to paint Wee Witchy Cottage today!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Red Light & tree for Lake View

I had ordered a nice red light ages ago for Lake View and it arrived when we were on holiday.  Mr C has photographed it for me this morning before rushing out to work.  It is going to go in the hall and I really like it:)  We went off to the Lakes the other weekend for a day and called into our favourite garden centre and I spotted this little Christmas tree in red! I do have two lit Christmas trees which will go into Lake View but couldn't resist this one and I don't normally do glittery stuff - and it was dirt cheap:)

Friday, 21 October 2011

De Quervain's Syndrome!

That's an intriguing title!  But I can tell you DeQuervains syndrome is very painful :( and I am feeling sorry for myself :(   I am having problems finishing the painting on my wee witchy cottage and also doing some work on Lake View and I so wanted part of the witchy cottage finished for Halloween but I will try my best and Mr C is going to try and get the electrics in for me this weekend :(

When I was diagnosed I was given a wrist splint, told to take 2 weeks off work (which I didn't because of the workload and job security), given pain relief & referred to the physio department.  Unfortunately I saw the same physio I had seen before who treated me for six months for a painful wrist and forearm  and missed the fact that I had fractured my wrist! 

I was told I required a steroid injection into the tendon sheath................AARRGGH - have a needle phobia :(  Just because I work in a hospital doesn't mean to say I like needles!)  and was told the physio doing the injections had a 'bit of a waiting list'!  I really don't want this done at all :(   

Sorry for the longwinded post but feeling sorry for myself today.  I have been given some stronger pain relief from the doctors and hopefully can do some miniature work once they kick in:)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Smartphone at last :)

I finally upgraded my mobile phone to a smartphone.  I got the Samsung Galaxy W (brand new on the market).  I really liked Mr C's Samsung Galaxy SII but it was too big for my little hands so I got this one and I love it :)   I couldn't believe that Mr C had changed his iphone for an androidy thing but he really likes it!!!

I am hoping that somehow it will help get my life organised !!!!!  The only thing I am unhappy about at the moment is that there is no Weightwatchers app for the android market - it is coming soon.