Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kindle - I bought one!!!!

Well after my earlier post I decided to go ahead and buy a Kindle!! I love it!!! I never thought I would because I adore books - the smell, the feel, reading the cover, the back...........oh everything! But now I love my Kindle!!! I have even named it 'My Wee Kindle' - I know I've finally lost the plot :)! I didn't want to buy something and think I wasn't going to use it but oh this is a joy to use. It is so easy and light to hold - no more sore hands and wrists because of my joint problems. Well I think I've waffled on enough about it but thank you to hubs for making me 'add to basket' and then 'pay' !

Friday, 25 February 2011

Boxes of mini chocolates

Marlene had seen my post about the Bonnie Lavish flowers and very kindly sent me a kit to make three boxes of chocolates - you even get tiny chocolates to put in the boxes! Thank you so much Marlene :) Since I took this photo I have started on one of the boxes! I am hoping to have it ready for our wedding anniversary - thought it would look lovely with some flowers, anniversary cards and champagne!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hello - new followers !

I have just realised today that I have some new followers - I apologise for not saying hi sooner. They are Zansidhe (but I can't see a blog for you!), Loser Girl (great weightloss website), A.Wright (miniature blog and whose main project is the Beacon Hill - one of my favourite houses!) and Wee Little West (another miniature blog and another talented lady!). If you get chance pop across to their blogs and see their work :)

Feeling really sorry for myself :(

Well this is me today feeling very sorry for myself - haven't even been over the doorstep since I got home on Thursday night!!! In my dressing gown and pj's with a ton of tissues and Olbas oil - ooh not forgetting the paracetemol :( I did a silly thing yesterday and tried to do some exercising - big mistake!!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Very Sore Throat & Down in the dumps!!

Well this is me today - feeling utterly sorry for myself! I started with a very sore throat yesterday which has got worse and I practically have no voice today! Hubs seems pleased with that although he did kindly go to the Chemists to buy some Strepsils and cough mixture! So my day off work has been mostly spent in bed, although I did listen to Prof Brian Cox on Chris Evans radio show this morning and thoroughly enjoyed that. I did want to try and do some work on my dolls house today but tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

E Reader or not..............that is the question?!

I have been trying to decide whether or not to get an e-reader??!!! At the moment I am torn between the Amazon Kindle and the Sony ereader .

Today I went to have a look at both of them and am still undecided. I just can't decide if they are a lot of money for something I may not use; however one of my colleagues at work has had his ereader for about 2 years now and is totally addicted to it!!!! I think with my joint problem it might be easier to hold than a book but I do so love to look at a book,turn it over and read the back cover, etc but then I loved a typewriter in the past now I couldn't live without a computer and am desperate for an iphone!!!!!

I have been having this debate with myself now for about two months !!!! Memo to self - get a grip, make a decision!!