Sunday, 16 October 2011

Smartphone at last :)

I finally upgraded my mobile phone to a smartphone.  I got the Samsung Galaxy W (brand new on the market).  I really liked Mr C's Samsung Galaxy SII but it was too big for my little hands so I got this one and I love it :)   I couldn't believe that Mr C had changed his iphone for an androidy thing but he really likes it!!!

I am hoping that somehow it will help get my life organised !!!!!  The only thing I am unhappy about at the moment is that there is no Weightwatchers app for the android market - it is coming soon. 


  1. That's a really nice looking phone. Good luck learning all the functions.

    One thing's for sure, no one would mug me for my mobile!!

  2. It looks very impressive! How is WW going? I'm considering joining - uexpected reflections are getting a bit tragic.

    I've got the basic mobile too, Irene - I don't know if I could learn anything more complicated.

  3. Luck - I certainly need that Irene - at least I know how to make a call! I thought it might help and make me smarter :)

    Christine I've managed to lose 3 stone on WW but slow - I do follow some blogs where they've had great losses. I do the online version as I find it easier.

  4. I have an iPhone, had it for two years and I'm in love. For a techy keeping a phone for 2 years is a big deal! Everyone else in the office has an Android phone though and they love them so I've heard very good things. I thought the WW Android app was out? The iPhone and Blackberry ones have been out for a long time now.

  5. Neat phone. Hope there is no learning curve. I still am plugging along with my old 5 year phone. I am out of the contract now and it works just fine so til the battery gives out I love what I am paying lol... But I am envious of your new acquistion. Enjoy! LJ

  6. 3 stone is pretty amazing! I'd be happy with that and even better it is 3 stone you haven't gained over the same time. :)