Saturday, 29 October 2011

DeQuervains's update!

Just thought I would bore you all with a quick update.  I went to see a private physiotherapist who advised against the injection! He did say he would happily recommend an injection into the shoulder, elbow, hips, knees but the wrist is the most painful place to have it done!! He thoroughly examined my wrist and hand and explained all about Dequervains. He performed ultrasound treatment; however he is concerned that I may have a fracture or 'ripped' the tendon and has told me to get an x-ray (which won't show the tendon).  He also said that I should be resting the hand and wrist and certainly not working! I'm pretty sure when people tell you to rest they giggle behind your back - have they ever tried 'resting'??  I have a lot to do today and I am going to take some strong painkillers because I am determined to paint Wee Witchy Cottage today!


  1. Is this tendon 'stuff' associated with the HMJS? I hope you have a splint or support guard of some sort to 'rest' your wrist as much as possible. Lots of luck with painting :))

  2. So this isnt carpal tunnel??? If so rest it or you have to end up having surgery. Please use a wrist guard if you are going to use it. LJ