Monday, 19 September 2011

Mini Belfast Sink & Big Dinner!!!

Popped into Dolls House Emporium yesterday at Carlisle on the way to Glasgow but was a little bit disappointed - they didn't have everything in that I wanted to look at.  The only thing I bought was a Belfast sink which I am going to grunge up for the Wee Witchy Cottage - will post photos later.  

Had a great day with the family yesterday - lots to eat and drink and there was non-stop chatter:)  My Aunt does the best ever roast potatoes - yum!   My cousin had got out some old photos which were really interesting - I do love looking at old photos :) 


  1. It was a long way to go for a Belfast sink!

    Glad to hear you're have a good time away.

  2. Irene you can say that again especially when I went with Lake View in mind :( Might try the dolls house shop in Inverness while we are up here ! Not long to Miniatura now - wish I was going!

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  4. Glad your having a good time! the dolls house shop in Inverness is worth a visit if your up there! if you're enroute you could pop by my house and see the village lol!!