Monday, 19 September 2011

Mini Belfast Sink & Big Dinner!!!

Popped into Dolls House Emporium yesterday at Carlisle on the way to Glasgow but was a little bit disappointed - they didn't have everything in that I wanted to look at.  The only thing I bought was a Belfast sink which I am going to grunge up for the Wee Witchy Cottage - will post photos later.  

Had a great day with the family yesterday - lots to eat and drink and there was non-stop chatter:)  My Aunt does the best ever roast potatoes - yum!   My cousin had got out some old photos which were really interesting - I do love looking at old photos :) 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

On Holiday at Last :)

Well we finally  made it - the start of our holiday although Mr C is at work today and finishes tonight!   For the last two weeks I have gone to work early, worked my lunch and stayed back each evening and everytime I promise myself no more!!!  Well there it is - I've written it down so hopefully I will commit to that statement. 

Off on Sunday to my aunt's for dinner with some of the family - can't wait. There will be lots of great food, drink and lots of chat :)   Haven't seen some of them for ages.  Then off to Aviemore - whoo, hoo - cannot wait and from there to see Eilean Donan Castle (my favourite place) and Plockton

Sorry to bore you all but I am so excited and just hope the pain and stress goes in the next couple of days.  
Loch Insh

Eilean Donan Castle

View from Plockton

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Revamping Witchy Potion Jars

Today I fully intended doing some more painting, etc on my Wee Witchy Cottage but got sidetracked revamping some potion jars - as you do :)  I had bought these little jars ages ago but really didn't like the labels (but they were a good price!)

Anyway this afternoon decided to stain some parchment paper with a mix of tea and coffee, then dry it in the oven.   Typed all my labels up and prayed that the paper would go through our new printer with no problems.  Phew - it worked :)  

I am quite happy with them although I think some of them could have been a bit smaller.