Sunday, 14 August 2011

Decisions !

I have just shocked my husband today because I told him that I was thinking of selling my original dolls house - Holly House!  There are various reasons for this decision - one  being I love Lake View (I have to say I also love Holly House!) and really want to  be able to do up Lake View.  I was even thinking about selling Lake View a while ago and one of the reasons for this was that Holly House takes up all the room!!  I find the size of Lake View more manageable and also my tastes have changed somewhat over the years too.  Also our plan is to downsize in a year or two so Lake View would certainly fit better. 

Whilst I want Lake View to be ultra modern I still want it to have that lived in feel so I think I will move some furniture from Holly House into Lake View and also I will move a lot of other items over such as pictures, vases, mini mail, candles, etc.    The plants from Holly House can largely go into the Wee Witchy Cottage garden. 

Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently but been thinking about this for a while. 


  1. I know what you mean, I have been thinking alot about Somerset House, Big is beautiful, but it takes all the space, the joy is in the making, not looking at the finished item.

  2. I`m not finished with my first house - a big one - so I can not imagine how it would be to sell it.
    But I see your point and is curious what you will do.

  3. Oh Laura, it will be like saying goodbye to a child but I guess when children grow up big they have to leave home.......

  4. My houses have changed over the years and I sold on my larger, victorian houses. It was hard, but after they had gone I felt better and could concentrate on the my newer, smaller houses xx