Friday, 15 July 2011

Hubs on Crutches !!

My poor hubs had an accident at work on Tuesday morning (should have been his day off too).  He was taken to A & E in terrible pain.  Anyway he has ripped his calf muscle but his achilles tendon was okay – thank goodness!  His calf is so swollen – never seen anything like it.  He was given Codeine tablets and a pair of crutches.  He went back to work too and then got a lift home at 3.30 pm.  He was off Wednesday and Thursday and I put a day's leave in on Thursday but today he has gone back to work complete with crutches and painkillers - one of the reasons is he doesn't get paid when he is off ill even if it's an accident!!!   But he has been given a sit down job!! He's back at the Hospital on Monday


  1. Oh dear, poor soul. I hope he improves soon (and I bet you do too!)

    I hope he's a good patient and not a demanding one!

  2. Nice restful weekend I hope for you both, send my regards, he can sit and make klist of all the tings he should do once he is up and about again and you can sew!

  3. Thanks. Think the painkillers are working now. Yes he is a demanding patient :) Great idea Marlene - I'm going to start painting the witchy cottage though :)

  4. Goodness me! It sounds horrific! Poor thing. I hope it heals soon and they have given him enough codeine to keep him quiet and out of your hair. :D

  5. Wishing Mal a speedy recovery and some time for you to play! Now, I just hope this posts....
    (nope, it wouldn't post so I'm trying anonymous)

  6. Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to comment when you obviously have your hands full!!
    I think York will be a definite day trip as I haven't been there for 25 years and I have very pleasant memories of the city.
    Ah, fish and chips by a blustery seaside, heaven!

    We go at the end of August so we are hoping the weather will have improved by then!