Saturday, 23 July 2011

Update on Witchy Cottage

I bought a lovely bookcase from Etsy that I thought would be perfect for the Wee Witchy Cottage - and I just love it :)  

I also bought a small sheepskin rug and am undecided as to whether it will go in the Witchy Cottage or Holly House!

The cottage is obviously not finished but couldn't wait so just quickly popped some things on the bookcase and in front you will see lovely basket of mushrooms and one of the books that Christine sent me and I think they look perfect :)  

Friday, 15 July 2011

Hubs on Crutches !!

My poor hubs had an accident at work on Tuesday morning (should have been his day off too).  He was taken to A & E in terrible pain.  Anyway he has ripped his calf muscle but his achilles tendon was okay – thank goodness!  His calf is so swollen – never seen anything like it.  He was given Codeine tablets and a pair of crutches.  He went back to work too and then got a lift home at 3.30 pm.  He was off Wednesday and Thursday and I put a day's leave in on Thursday but today he has gone back to work complete with crutches and painkillers - one of the reasons is he doesn't get paid when he is off ill even if it's an accident!!!   But he has been given a sit down job!! He's back at the Hospital on Monday

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lake View at last

Well I finally had some inspiration for Lake View - well two lots of inspiration!!!! I finally decided what I wanted to do with each room but this will be a slow process whilst I pay for each room :) !   Anyway whilst saving up the money I decided to 'dress the house' in Grand Designs style i.e. nowhere near completion and a  bit like a building site!!!  This isn't even quite finished yet :)   I grunged up ladders and the paste table and have added the alarm system being installed and instead of lights at the moment I just have wires coming through!