Saturday, 11 June 2011

This n that!

Just thought I would do a quick update!! First of all my weight :(  I have put weight on this week that's because I have been on holiday and eating Danish pastries!!!  Why did I do that??  Because they were so yummy!  Also had a few meals out which were all delicious but this morning I am kicking myself for allowing myself to put the weight on.  Anyway I am back on Weightwatchers with a vengeance.  

The good news though is I have finally got my shoes on !!!  Haven't been able to wear shoes apart from one old pair because of my broken toe.  The toe is still a bit red and swollen but it felt so good being able to wear shoes again and yesterday managed to get my trainers on too so now no excuses :) 

 Giveaway news:  

Pei Li is having a wonderful giveaway on her blog - a gorgeous hyacinth flower and a bread bin.  If you haven't seen her work or her blog - go and have a look now!!!


  1. Hopefully, the toe will be all healed soon. Best of luck with your dieting.

    I love Pei Li's work, it's so fine. :)

  2. Hi, hope your toe gets better! And thanks for mentioning my giveaways!! :)

    Pei Li