Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Goodies from York

Went to York Fair on Sunday and although very good, I thought it was quieter (exhibitor wise) than in November.  Still spent a few hours there :)

Anyway here's a quick peek at the goodies I got (most of these are for the Wee Witchy Cottage) and since then I've ordered another couple of things ready for a new project I've got in mind which I am quite excited about and they should be here any day now!!

Brick Mould, Flower kit, door handles & hinges & a fab light

Ladders & step ladder for a new project!


  1. Everything is so great! I love the brick mold. I tried to purchase one from someone in England(Morris?) but he never responded to my email. They look like they would be useful!

  2. Cool Ladder! It will look so good in a work or garden scene! CM Leftcoastmini