Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wee Witchy Cottage on its way!

Whahay !! Got an email today to say that my Wee Witchy Cottage has been collected by the courier from yon end and is on its way!!! Ooh can't wait. All my witchy stuff is packed up ready to be moved, once the decorating is done of course :) Got lots of ideas for the outside but really wanted to do part plaster work/part brickwork but have not been successful with the compound brick and stencil set (maybe just need more practice!!!!). So back to the drawing board for the mo on that one!


  1. How exciting! I'm sure you'll be really pleased with your Cottage. I've used the compound and stencil method on a couple of my properties and for adding little touches so if you've any questions - just ask.

  2. Ooh Irene thanks - will be in touch as struggled to do a little bit on Lake View (think that's why I lost interest)