Saturday, 28 May 2011

Frustration with Blogger:(

I am so frustrated with Blogger at the moment. I can't post comments on anyone's blog; I can't even post comments on my own! There's so many blogs I want to comment on and I just can't:(  It won't even let me stay signed in!

It just seems like one problem after another with Blogger and I am wondering about transferring to another system:(

Okay rant over !


  1. What other systems are there? (I'm still newish to blogging) :)

    I haven't had trouble leaving comments, but seem to have lost all my followers!

  2. Yes it is a big problem at the moment!
    A tip from Catherine: try posting as Anonymous! When you leave a comment, select profile... at the bottom it will say Anonymous.


  3. I've had enough of blogger too Laura. Besides not letting me comment it has taken over in my computer somehow and blogspot has disabled google as my homepage and inserted itself, it has also removed my google tool bar with translate so I can't read non-english blogs and I can't change my background. Invasive stuff like that is more than rude, I'm ready to close my blog. Yahoo groups are more user friendly, I might open my ShabbyChicMiniatures group to public membership.


  4. Well after trying everything my last resort today was to download Mozilla Firefox as the browser and guess what 'it has worked'. At long last I am able to post comments. Don't understand Firefox at the moment but everyone tells me it's good. Yes Susan some strange things have happened to our computer too.

  5. Try with Google Chrome! It runs so fine!
    Un abrazo