Sunday, 17 April 2011

Where does time go?!

Well the title says it all !! Where on earth does time go to? Might have to have ask Professor Brian Cox that one!!

Anyway quick update - got weighed on Friday and have achieved another 'mini' goal! I am presently at the lowest I have been for a few years and I now want to get to goal before my holiday in September!!!! So ..............another two stone to go (if not more!). I am so determined now - goodness knows where the determination has come from?!

I just haven't had time to do any miniature work apart from starting a Pascale Garnier tulip kit (not the easiest but enjoyable). I also ordered a couple of kits from Georgie Steeds which arrived. I have not managed to recreate my Kindle in miniature but as hubs is working part of Easter I might have time to try this.

I am sure I have mentioned this but hubs is addicted to Geocaching and no matter where we go (even the Doctors!) he manages to find a geocache. Because he always gets dirty doing this he now wears his really old jeans, which I hate but am grateful for at times like today when we had a lovely day. I happened to spot hubs as he slid down a bank onto a road whilst searching for a geocache near Rievaulx Abbey but didn't have time to photograph or video him but it was funny but did photograph the back of his tatty jeans!! He is worse than a big kid :)

I am thinking about sellling Lake View now!!!! It's still a shell and I have done absolutely nothing with it. I am thinking of selling that and in the meantime getting a tiny little cottage from Dolls House Concepts and making that into my little witchy house and moving the witch from the attic in Holly House, then doing a bathroom and study in the attic!!! Oh my!!! Don't know what's wrong with me :)


  1. That's the downfall of having no time to do mini's, you start thinking about things and making plans. Glad you enjoyed the weekend.

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss - keep it up!

    I bought my Tenement building from Dolls House Concepts and (in my case) they're great little boxes to work with. I love the fact that the door can be completely removed to work on. I can recommend them.