Friday, 8 April 2011

Weigh in, decision made & my Wee Kindle!!

Well a bit of a shock this morning but I managed to lose the 5lbs I put on over my wee holiday :)! Wish that could happen every week - I would be at goal in no time at all!

Work was yeuch this week!! Even worse - how on earth can it be but it is ?! I keep threatening to do a secret blog about the goings on at work - one day I might!

Anyway I have made a decision about my DSLR camera - I am going to sell it!! My joints are really bad now and and so is my back and neck but to be honest I have really enjoyed going back to a small compact camera - it does manual, etc and it is so convenient to use. I am also going to sell my tripod but not my wonderful bright red Crumpler bag which was an import into this country and I love it!!! We will still have hubby's DSLR which is a fab model and newer than mine so if I want to use that I can! That's one decision made!

Now the Kindle - I LOVE IT!!!!! Hubby bought me the red leather cover from Amazon - expensive but totally worth it! I have now decided to try and make one in miniature! Well as you know anything could happen with that project - thought I would try to keep it simple and photographed my Kindle to use for the mini version. When it's done will post a photo! Will also post a photo of my lovely red cover. I never thought in a million years that I would be so in love with an e-reader as I am mad about books!

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