Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding - Cartwheeling Verger

I was watching the Royal Wedding yesterday in my pj's as still not well with this awful cough/cold/flu and this came on - I couldn't believe my eyes and shouted hubs - thank goodness they repeated it. I have giggled (in between coughing!) since and this morning it has been reported that the verger in question won't get into trouble.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wee Witchy Cottage

Yesterday I ordered a wee house from Dolls House Concepts . I contacted Ted and asked for a couple of wee changes namely a gothic style door and window and this is the picture he sent me. I am so excited :) I am going to move my two witchy rooms from Holly House into here and I just cannot wait and I'm also going to put it on a base to create a little witchy garden - after all, all good witches have a garden!

Then the two empty rooms are going to become a guest bedroom (I think!) and an office although the guest bedroom doesn't really inspire me much so that might change!

Anyway this has kept my mind occupied today as I had to come home from work on Tuesday lunchtime - can you believe it - I got a stonking cold/flu type bug :( Not only do I have a broken toe and can hardly walk but then I get this and the cough is terrible, my ribs ache and I have no voice (mind hubs is pleased !)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Broken Wee Toe!

On Friday hubs was at work and I was doing some housework in the hope that I would find time to do some mini work too!!! Anyway tripped over hubs' large camera bag catching my little toe - flew over the bag whilst toe stuck in strap, hit the wall with both wrists narrowly missing a glass picture frame!!! Well this is the result - a broken toe!! It is so swollen and sooooo painful! Won't stop throbbing:(

We are going up to Glasgow today for a family occasion and the only shoes I can get on are pale pink crocs!!!! So will be all dressed up wearing crocs!!! All I can say is thank goodness I wasn't going to a wedding! I do love my crocs but not to a dressed up occasion :) You'll have to excuse the photo as my hands and wrists are sore from hitting the wall and trying to photograph my own foot was difficult.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Where does time go?!

Well the title says it all !! Where on earth does time go to? Might have to have ask Professor Brian Cox that one!!

Anyway quick update - got weighed on Friday and have achieved another 'mini' goal! I am presently at the lowest I have been for a few years and I now want to get to goal before my holiday in September!!!! So ..............another two stone to go (if not more!). I am so determined now - goodness knows where the determination has come from?!

I just haven't had time to do any miniature work apart from starting a Pascale Garnier tulip kit (not the easiest but enjoyable). I also ordered a couple of kits from Georgie Steeds which arrived. I have not managed to recreate my Kindle in miniature but as hubs is working part of Easter I might have time to try this.

I am sure I have mentioned this but hubs is addicted to Geocaching and no matter where we go (even the Doctors!) he manages to find a geocache. Because he always gets dirty doing this he now wears his really old jeans, which I hate but am grateful for at times like today when we had a lovely day. I happened to spot hubs as he slid down a bank onto a road whilst searching for a geocache near Rievaulx Abbey but didn't have time to photograph or video him but it was funny but did photograph the back of his tatty jeans!! He is worse than a big kid :)

I am thinking about sellling Lake View now!!!! It's still a shell and I have done absolutely nothing with it. I am thinking of selling that and in the meantime getting a tiny little cottage from Dolls House Concepts and making that into my little witchy house and moving the witch from the attic in Holly House, then doing a bathroom and study in the attic!!! Oh my!!! Don't know what's wrong with me :)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hello - new followers!

I have just realised that I need to say hello to some new followers!!! I have had a change round on my blog because I keep missing the new followers! Tut, tut! I am amazed that I have any followers!

Anyway welcome aboard to Claire, Anneke, Lady Jayne, Carol, Georgie Steeds, Jaana, Mona, Juli, Josje, Sabiha and Paul Smith - apologies for the late hello!!! Please if you haven't seen these blogs, pop over and have a good look. I have spent some time this morning 'surfing' instead of exercising! Now I need to get ready and get into the garden as the sun is shining and plants need potting up.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Weigh in, decision made & my Wee Kindle!!

Well a bit of a shock this morning but I managed to lose the 5lbs I put on over my wee holiday :)! Wish that could happen every week - I would be at goal in no time at all!

Work was yeuch this week!! Even worse - how on earth can it be but it is ?! I keep threatening to do a secret blog about the goings on at work - one day I might!

Anyway I have made a decision about my DSLR camera - I am going to sell it!! My joints are really bad now and and so is my back and neck but to be honest I have really enjoyed going back to a small compact camera - it does manual, etc and it is so convenient to use. I am also going to sell my tripod but not my wonderful bright red Crumpler bag which was an import into this country and I love it!!! We will still have hubby's DSLR which is a fab model and newer than mine so if I want to use that I can! That's one decision made!

Now the Kindle - I LOVE IT!!!!! Hubby bought me the red leather cover from Amazon - expensive but totally worth it! I have now decided to try and make one in miniature! Well as you know anything could happen with that project - thought I would try to keep it simple and photographed my Kindle to use for the mini version. When it's done will post a photo! Will also post a photo of my lovely red cover. I never thought in a million years that I would be so in love with an e-reader as I am mad about books!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Boo, hoo holiday over and big decisions!!!

Well that's it - my holiday is over. Had a wonderful week off - been here, there and everywhere and will post up some photos and info later on. Weather was a mixed bag but most of the time we were lucky and had some sunshine. I really don't want to go back to work at all and am absolutely dreading it. I have once again promised that there will be no more overtime or slogging myself to get more done - hopefully this promise will last (it didn't the last time though!).

I weighed myself this morning - I just didn't want to step on those scales (the scales probably didn't want me on them either!) and I have put 5lbs on (in 10 days - that equates to 1/2 lb a day!!). So tomorrow morning back on the old Weightwatchers and my dream of achieving goal weight before September and getting confidence back to get another job (that's one decision).

The other decision is whether or not to sell my DSLR camera! My joint condition has become so bad now that I am struggling to hold the camera. Hubs had bought me a great little camera with manual controls and to be honest since I got that one I have barely touched the DSLR but it's still a big decision for me to make! I am going to think over it for the next couple of weeks and see if I change my mind at all.