Friday, 11 March 2011

A mixed bag and Giveaways !

Well haven't been here for a few days - work has been so hectic that I have just been coming home late, eating and then collapsing into bed!!! I have 8 working days left before my holiday - 8 very long hard days with extra hours but can't wait and then it will be no more workee for 1 1/2 weeks!!

I have achieved one of my mini goals today!!! Although I still have quite a bit to go, I am at the lowest weight that I have been for about 7 years - whoo hoo!!!! Got hardly any clothes left at the moment but reluctant to buy until I've lost more.

Update on my Wee Kindle - I luuurrrrvvvveeee it!!!! So easy to use and light and it is just like reading a book - never thought I would be totally converted. Wish I had bought one ages ago.

Now for the giveaways - Marlene at Somerset House is having a lovely giveaway of a wonderful tiger rug that she has made and extras too! Michelle at Little Rabbit Miniatures is also having a giveway and showing her lovely Mediterranean house too. If you haven't seen these blogs please go and have a look at them - both are beautiful blogs and a joy to follow. Marlene also has another blog - here and that 's worth a look too.

I have been busy working on one of the boxes of chocolates from the kit that Marlene kindly sent me as a gift and I will photograph it and put it up here this weekend. I am actually quite pleased with it so far :)


  1. Thanks for the links to my blogs, I will hope your days are not too bad before your holiday. I hope you are not muttering too much whilst making the chocolate boxes.

  2. well done on the weight loss, its a lovely feeling innit!!!