Thursday, 24 March 2011

Happy Anniversary to us with no fat chocs!!!

It's our Wedding Anniversary today - and I'm off work too for 10 days - what more could I ask for???

Anyway I finally completed the mini chocolate kit that Marlene kindly sent me (I will be honest I have only done one so far!). I thoroughly enjoyed making the chocolates but was disappointed when I damaged one of the lid corners. I have also put together half a dozen pink roses - hand tied and made two small cards (copied from our own cards that we bought)! I am quite happy with the way they have all turned out. Will be putting them in the lounge of Holly House later on with Champagne and glasses before Hubs gets home :)

We are not going out for a meal tonight but we are going to enjoy a lovely take away instead! I have to say I have enjoyed every minute of today not being at work!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful littl eset you made to celebrate! I just love those pink flowers:)

  2. I hope you had the sun shine as well, love the chocolate box, roses and cards you made. Enjoy your time off, i have spent today in the garden,and will stitch tonight, bliss

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. What a bonus having time off work too!

  4. What a sweet idea making cards from your own RL cards!
    Happy Anniversary and may there be many more.

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Enjoy your take out and am loving your roses, box of chocs and cards.