Sunday, 23 January 2011

Update on weightloss & revamping a mini house!

Well finally got round to blogging again.............!!

Started Weightwatchers again with a vengeance and have managed to lose 7.5 lbs in two weeks (although this week sadly stayed the same but that might not have been helped by the fact that I went for a drink (or three) after work on Thursday night as I'd had the week from 'ell). Didn't like the new WW plan at first but loving it now - free fruit - yippeee!! Have been out walking and using my rebounder. Some of you might remember that I had stupidly said I would love to do the Great North Run - well I now have 8 months left!!!!

I have not yet started on Lake View as I am just waiting to hear how secure my job is as we are under threat in the NHS and also having a work review carried out. However, I am back to working on Holly House and thanks to you guys I decided to revamp the dolls house for my dolls house! I had bought this years ago but was never keen on the colour so yesterday set to. It's not quite finished but thought I would be post up some photos for you! My skills still leave a lot to be desired but I have to say I do like the revamp myself!


And after:


  1. After looks much better, I'm slow on the mini front, but I have found the wood to build my attic.

    I am keeping every thing crossed for you on the job front, it must be a tough time for you, weight loss is brilliant, I must start my diet soon.

  2. Enhorabuena por la perdida de peso.
    Espero que se arregle lo de tu trabajo.
    La casita ha quedado fantastica con el cambio, me encanta.
    besitos ascension