Thursday, 27 January 2011

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Well what a week this has been in our household! First Hubs took ill very late Sunday night and had to phone in ill Monday and Tuesday (he never takes time off work) but he was hit with some kind of stomach bug (I will spare you the details!). I started to feel really ill on Tuesday whilst at work and had to come home at about 2.30 pm ! I ended up collapsed on the bathroom floor and I can certainly say the floor is not comfy! I have been off work since and still feel 'yucky'.

I have managed to eat some toast and honey today but feel really weak and dizzy but now beginning to think it's because I haven't eaten since Tuesday morning at 6.30 am!!!

We were supposed to be going out tonight as a friend is over for a few days from Ireland but we will have to give it a miss although hubs may pop down tonight for an hour!

And you know the most annoying thing ???? You get an extra day or two off work and you're too ill to do anything!


  1. I do hope you are feeling better now, there are some nasty bugs going around. The silver lining should be you should have lost a few pounds!!
    Have a good weekend with your friends

  2. Espero que te encuentres mejor.
    Por aqui tambien se mueve un virus estomacal que esta haciendo estragos en la familia jejeje
    Que pena que no puedas aprovechar los dias de fiesta.
    De todos modos te deseo un feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  3. Thank you Marlene & Ascension - feeling a lot better although exhausted. Only lost 2lbs!