Monday, 3 January 2011

Family Party & The Dreaded Scales

Yesterday we decided at the last minute to drive up to Glasgow for a family party! We are mad as hatters. I can recommend doing your make up and nails before you leave the house and not trying to do it in the car on a bumpy A74!!! Hubs was certainly not impressed when I used the hairspray! We also drove home last night instead of staying with family members! Partly becasue we have a lot to do today. On the way up we stopped at Dolls House Emporium in Carlisle (it's part of a garden centre - nice walk round and toilet stop!). They had Bag End from Lord of the Rings on display. This was made by Maddie Chambers. It was lovely to see and worth a trip if you get the chance.

The party was soooo good. I love going to my aunts house - it is so relaxing and such a laugh. It's good to see everyone. As I write this, one cousin will have arrived back in France this morning where she lives. Managed to speak to another cousin who couldn't make the party. I am hoping to do the Great North Run with him this year and hubs too!!!! Must be mad with my joint problems! The first thing he asked me was about my training! Ha, what training????

This now brings me to the dreaded weigh in much weight did I put on over Christmas?????? So back on the diet - no more takeaways, chocolates, nuts, crisps, Baileys....oh I could go on! So once the decorations are down today it's back to reading all about the new Weightwatchers diet and sticking to it!
I am also going to bring Lake View back down and start work on it. I also want to start on the basement in Holly House. I would like an indoor swimming pool!!!! Well I will never have one in real life so why not??!!


  1. We still have loads of chocolate ans sweets here, no diet until Feb atleast. Glad you had a good time with your family.

  2. I have an award for you, pop along to my blog and collect it, I do enjoy reading your blog, thanks