Sunday, 9 January 2011

Blog Award!!!!

Well, I was presented with a blog award - gobsmacked I am!!!! It's from Marlene and I just cannot believe it. Thank you so much Marlene. I am supposed to pass this on but to be honest I love all the blogs and cannot choose so it's dedicated to everyone!!

I think I am also supposed to tell you seven things about myself that you may not know, so here goes:

  • Although I've been married for almost 26 years, we've been together for 32 years!

  • My all time favourite film is White Christmas

  • I have always wanted to learn fencing (not the wooden fences around gardens but Errol Flynn style!)

  • I love Professor Brian Cox and would love to learn about the solar system from him!!!!!

  • I was born in Scotland and brought up in West Africa for 10 years!

  • I would love to live in a small cottage in the Highlands

  • I would love to write one very good crime thriller!!!

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