Sunday, 28 November 2010

York Dolls House Show

Hubs and I went to the York show today. It was really enjoyable. Weren't too sure if we would get there with the bad weather but no problems at all. Very heavy snow on the way back though and it's still snowing now!!

I went with a list and managed to get 3 items from that and then the list went out the window! I bought a chair from ELF miniatures and saw the kitchens and then bought some candles, a working hour glass and a witchy hat, broom and pumpkin from Mags-nificent Miniatures!!! Will post photographs later on - probably next weekend when I will try to photograph in the daylight.

Anyway off for a cup of tea and I think it might be an early night ready for an extra-early start in the morning with the bad weather. We must have about 6" of snow here and more snow set for overnight.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Mini Witchy Goodies & Remembrance Poppy

I ordered some spell candles, wand and scrolls from Dfly Creations and they have all arrived safely and look amazing. I am thrilled. The photo does not do them justice but my hands are quite bad today and my camera is quite heavy!!!! They are going to look so good in my witchy room - just need to get some new furniture for it and I need to get some work done on my house.

Last week I ordered this stunninng Poppy brooch from the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Unfortunately it only arrived today but at least I can still wear it for a few days. It's gorgous - small and delicate! I don't do bling and this might look sparkly in the photo but it's not as sparkly when on (it's the flash that's caused most of the bling as it looks a lot darker in real life!)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Trip to A&E and undignified entrance into a Range Rover

Well some week this was - hubs fell over at work and thought he had broken his foot as it felt the same as the last time he broke his foot. His boss brought him into A&E where I met him (I work in the same hospital!). Anyway after an hour of waiting he finally saw someone who told him that he had damaged the ligaments and it would take a couple of weeks to heal and some bruising would appear and he did not require an x-ray!

As he had left his car at work he phoned his boss to come and pick us both up. Boss duly arrived in the latest Range Rover model - very nice!

However I am 5' 1" and trying to get into the back of the Range Rover was probably one of the most undignified entrances I have ever made!!!! I had to throw my bags into the back and then try and haul myself up into the car whilst holding my skirt down!!! I am pretty sure that somewhere I will be on a security camera and might even be on you tube by now! You would think that an 'all singing/all dancing' car would have footholds and a rope ladder built into it for us small people!

Hello new followers!

Just wanted to say hi to a couple of new followers - they are Jean (who has two blogs) and Fee Easton - pop over to their blogs - very different. Fee's is mostly photography (which is my other passion) and has some stunning photographs and Jean's are all about crafts.