Saturday, 25 September 2010

Holiday photos - already a distant memory!

Well my first week back was the usual - yeugh!!!!! It's amazing that only two weeks away and you do actually start to forget how bad things are and how much bullying goes on - but within 30 minutes of being back it was like being run over by a steam roller!!!! But I didn't stay back at all as I promised so quite proud of myself.

Anyway have finally got round to sorting some photos out from our wonderful holiday and here goes:

This is Fort George - an amazing place and well worth a trip. If you are lucky you can see dolphins from here. The day we went it was very windy and as you can see we had dark broody skies which added to the atmosphere.

The next three are from Eilean Donan Castle - my favourite castle of all times. Two photos of the castle and one of the views from the castle. It is magical here and well worth a trip. It is described as the most beautiful castle in Scotland but I think it goes much further than that! They have shot a number of films here including Highlander, Loch Ness, James Bond - The World is Not Enough. The day we went was just beautiful - warm and sunny but even on a wet and windy day this place has so much atmosphere and still looks beautiful.

Will post some more up later - as now off to make curried butternut squash soup - yum, yum!

Hello - new followers

Hello to new followers - they are Lara and Clara who both have lovely blogs - pop over. I am really sorry I haven't said hello sooner!

Monday, 20 September 2010

End of Holiday & Back to Work

Well this is it! The end of a wonderful fortnight's holiday. Had a great time and wish it didn't have to end. However, as the saying goes..............'all good things come to an end'. This morning I feel sick and have started shaking!!! Aargghh. Pretty sure by tonight I will be in complete agony again and a thumping headache!!!!

I have also started back on my diet - well after putting weight on what else was I to do? I now have a year to try and get ready for the Great North Run!!!!

I only bought a couple of things miniature wise whilst on holiday but am inspired to start work on Lake View so this coming weekend will probably be my first opportunity.

I will post some photos up of our wonderful holiday later.

I changed my blog last night and couldn't change it back - it just wouldn't let me!!!!!