Friday, 17 December 2010

Quick update

Haven't posted for a while - work is hectic, getting ready for Christmas is hectic and not been too well, but on the mend now I think. My Doctor has been really good I have to say. The diet has gone a bit haywire and struggling with the new Weightwatchers plan but I am sure I will get there!!!

I just hope I'm ready for Christmas - still got cards to write and pressies to wrap and I have decided I am going to try a bit of baking - must be mad!!!! If it works I will take photos!

Hubs and I also had some worrying news about our jobs. One of hubs' colleagues was made redundant on Tuesday night and it was a bit of a shock but hubs has been told that his job should be okay - but we'll wait and see! Obviously it means more work for him! We have decided to really try and tighten our belts even more now. My job is under threat as the Hospital has to save money. We have to undergo a work review and also attend cost cutting workshops & there's a rumour that we will have to reapply for our jobs and if not successful we will be dropped two bands!! So far there is no mention of cutbacks on the huge number of managers that have sprung up in the last 3 years!

I decided to write this down because I firmy believe that once you've written something down you get it off your chest so by doing this I might sleep tonight!!


  1. Sorry to hear you're not doing well. If they keep getting rid of workers the managers will actually have to work. Do you think they'll figure it out eventually?

  2. Hope you are now feeling better, it's a pig waiting for news regarding your job, I hope you are safe, after undergoing a long period of hospital treatment, I think we need all our nursing staff and doctors, and yes they should look at management, and get rid of the most expensive levels of workers.

  3. Thanks for the kind words - I don't think they will ever work it out Susan. Marlene you are so right - unfortunately I am PA/Medical Secretary and our work load is so excessive and an easy target - trouble is we are there to support the nurses and doctors!!