Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Aaaarrrgggghhhh - no oven!

Just typical - put the oven on last night and went upstairs to tidy up. Came down thinking dinner would be almost ready to find................yup you guessed it ..............oven not working!!! Grill works but not the oven! Had to try and heat the dinner up in the microwave as it had gone cold and then grill the top to brown it!!!! Not happy this morning! Hate shopping at the best of times and now we have to go out, tackle the sales and the heavy rain - oh joy!!!!
I probably burnt the oven out on Christmas day!


  1. We had that happen last year on Christmas day, but we had the second small oven, took all day to cook our turkey.
    Happy New Year to you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Marlene, how on earth you managed to cook the turkey is amazing!! I knew there was something wrong with the oven as it started to cook unevenly, etc but hubs kept saying it was just me!!!! Hope you have a lovely New Year Marlene xx