Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone

The title says it all - hope you all have a good halloween.

I am suffering a litle bit this morning - hubs and I went to a Halloween Party (last minute decision!). I didn't really have a costume, so I just simply put on a black skirt and top, stripey tights, black nail varnish and put on my witches hat which I bought from this wonderful lady, Jane a few years ago and I grunged a label up saying 'Witch - chilling and having some time out before the busiest night of the year'!! Went down okay and I didn't feel too stupid when walking home - a little bit tipsy to say the least!!!!

We are now off to Ikea (aarrgghh on a Sunday!) as I need to get some more candles - didn't realise how low my stocks were. So if you are in Ikea at Gateshead today and you see someone who looks as though they may have a little bit of a hangover and wearing black nails - it's me!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds as if you had a good time, we are geared up with loadfs of candy, eyeballs, fingers, brains for tonight, if not we will be on a high sugar diet all next week.
    Marlene xxxx

  2. Sounds like you had a good night.

    We're switching off the bell tonight and pretending we're not in - lol

  3. Thanks Marlene & Irene - we've got the candy but it's for us!! We do the same as Irene - pretend we're not in. We're home and the car has already been put away!