Saturday, 9 October 2010

Fountains Abbey by Floodlight

Tonight hubs and I are going to Fountains Abbey - it is floodlit for the Saturday evenings in October and is just beautiful. There is a choir singing between 8 - 9 pm and all around the abbey they have music in the form of Gregorian chanting. The weather is not too good up here today - quite drizzly and misty but supposed to dry up for tonight although I don't think it will be a clear night but the atmosphere will still be wonderful.

This is where the choir usually sing:

Old photo of Fountains Abbey taken one Christmas :


  1. The Abbey looks wonderful - nice photos. Pan x

  2. Sounds like fun, lucky you, hope it will be dry for you. Just a normal saturday night in here with X factor.

  3. Leaving now but Marlene it makes a change for us at the moment to go out on a Saturday night!