Monday, 25 October 2010

Aaarrgghhh Bullying at Work,Hubs birthday & Miniatures!!!

Had a wonderful weekend. The sun was glorious yesterday and the autumn colours just stunning. Went back to Fountains Abbey.

It is hubs birthday today but we kind of celebrated last night as we are always so tired when we finish work. He got a couple of pressies early but sadly one hasn't arrived but hopefully it will arrive with the Postman today when we are at work. Hope so as quite anxious to see it myself - obviously cannot say what it is as hubs reads my posts!!!

Not loooking forward to work - last week ended with fireworks and all the bullying that has been going on in the department by two Nursing Sisters coming to a head although maybe it's a good thing that some of it is out in the open! Anyway to keep my mind off things I know I will be extra busy as my colleague is off for two days so I have all her work to do as well. We also had a meeting last week and were told 'more for less' (we have been doing that anyway for about three years)!!

I have also got lots of plans for my dolls house and they keep whirring around in my head so I think today will be one of those days when I switch off and have nice thoughts of miniatures!!!!!


  1. Wish hubby happy birthday, and I hope work goes Ok, not to many grand designs for your house, day dreaming is good, but following through with your plans is another thing.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Hubby. The pictures of the Abbey are beautiful. The last one sure looks spooky. I like your blog and I've become a follower. I love minis, too.

  3. you get any good autumnal shots of fountains? im gonna go back soon before its too late and the leaves have all gone..

  4. Thanks everyone. Hubs is still celebrating!!! Hello Jean and Fee - will welcome you officially tomorrow. Fee didn't get any photos as sun was just too high and wanted to catch it lower. However, go to Harrogate - Harlow Carr and the surrounding area it it's a nice day and it wil be stunning - we were there today but very grey - might be back on Sunday.