Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone

The title says it all - hope you all have a good halloween.

I am suffering a litle bit this morning - hubs and I went to a Halloween Party (last minute decision!). I didn't really have a costume, so I just simply put on a black skirt and top, stripey tights, black nail varnish and put on my witches hat which I bought from this wonderful lady, Jane a few years ago and I grunged a label up saying 'Witch - chilling and having some time out before the busiest night of the year'!! Went down okay and I didn't feel too stupid when walking home - a little bit tipsy to say the least!!!!

We are now off to Ikea (aarrgghh on a Sunday!) as I need to get some more candles - didn't realise how low my stocks were. So if you are in Ikea at Gateshead today and you see someone who looks as though they may have a little bit of a hangover and wearing black nails - it's me!!!!!!!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Aaarrgghhh Bullying at Work,Hubs birthday & Miniatures!!!

Had a wonderful weekend. The sun was glorious yesterday and the autumn colours just stunning. Went back to Fountains Abbey.

It is hubs birthday today but we kind of celebrated last night as we are always so tired when we finish work. He got a couple of pressies early but sadly one hasn't arrived but hopefully it will arrive with the Postman today when we are at work. Hope so as quite anxious to see it myself - obviously cannot say what it is as hubs reads my posts!!!

Not loooking forward to work - last week ended with fireworks and all the bullying that has been going on in the department by two Nursing Sisters coming to a head although maybe it's a good thing that some of it is out in the open! Anyway to keep my mind off things I know I will be extra busy as my colleague is off for two days so I have all her work to do as well. We also had a meeting last week and were told 'more for less' (we have been doing that anyway for about three years)!!

I have also got lots of plans for my dolls house and they keep whirring around in my head so I think today will be one of those days when I switch off and have nice thoughts of miniatures!!!!!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fountains Abbey by Floodlight Part Deux !

We had a wonderful night last night and it was soooo warm we couldn't believe it - compared to this time last year when it was so cold and icy!!!! We were worried on the way down as the traffic came to a complete halt and we could see flashing lights in the distance but we got there in the end. These are definitely not the best photos - I had forgotten my reading glasses and couldn't see a thing!!!!

This was of a small bridge in Fountains Abbey

And this last one just appealed to me - looking spooky!!! There were bats flying around at this point.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mini Storage Jars & Jug

I think I'm a bit like a bus - nothing for weeks and then three posts in one day!!!!

Anyway I had tried making storage jars for my kitchen (doll's house of course) and as some of you know I am not the most talented!!!! So I bought some from Dolls House Emporium at Carlisle and to be honest by the time I had bought everything to make them it was just as cheap to buy! Anyway the colour is perfect for my kitchen but I photographed these in the real sized kitchen !

I am off now to try the brickwork for Lake View!!!

Fountains Abbey by Floodlight

Tonight hubs and I are going to Fountains Abbey - it is floodlit for the Saturday evenings in October and is just beautiful. There is a choir singing between 8 - 9 pm and all around the abbey they have music in the form of Gregorian chanting. The weather is not too good up here today - quite drizzly and misty but supposed to dry up for tonight although I don't think it will be a clear night but the atmosphere will still be wonderful.

This is where the choir usually sing:

Old photo of Fountains Abbey taken one Christmas :

Hello - new followers!

Hello - I have once again not been 'blogging'. I want to say hello to new followers:

They are Berri Jones (but I can't see a blog for you - if I have missed it let me know) and Sara Scales who has a lovely blog and made some wonderful items.
Quick update - have put the link up for Berri's blog - click on her name to take you there.