Monday, 30 August 2010

Welcome and a quick update on everything else!

Well it's been a while (yet again!) and I have new followers - hello! They are Peggy who has a lovely blog (pop over and have a look) and Looking Glass Miniatures who has four blogs and all lovely!

Update on the clothes - well what can I say....................I am in between sizes and my waist seems to have gone down faster than anywhere else! In other words skirts now drop down to my good old hips. Managed to buy one denim skirt that has some kind of stretchy fabric built in so at least it won't drop down completely!!! That would be a sight! My Berghaus jacket now fastens completely with lots of room to spare so at least that theory worked a few months ago - buy it and shrink into it!!! Managed to buy a couple of blouses and t-shirts too! A lovely Per Una linen jacket that I purchased at Christmas ('cos it was a bargain!) fits now too!

Still wanting to purchase a small point and shoot camera to go alongside my DSLR but oh what decisions!! I am a Canon girl but quite like the Panasonic Lumix (but the more expensive ones!).

Now for Lake View .................................... nothing to say -sorry! I must get back into it but I think it will probably be after my holiday now. 3 days at work this week and then that's it - off to Scotland to see my Aunts, Uncles, cousins - whoo hoo! Then Aviemore and the Cairngorms (my favourite place !). Having said all this I wanted to buy Lake View because of some houses I saw in the Cairngorm region. I am hoping to find a name for Lake View whilst up there too.

I had this weird and wonderful idea for the roof for Lake View having watched too many hours of Grand Designs and I fancied a copper style roof! Hubs just looked at me - but I think it would look different. I have no idea how we would do it so any suggestions welcome!


  1. Im also looking for a new camerea. I use right now the Lumix for my pictures. So if you take a look at my blog you will see how it shoots. It's a great camerea. Though not great for extra close up pics, which is why i want a new one. You can take video on the one we have which is great for short bits. I know if I have it I dont have to take my other recorder. You can email me if you like or have any questions you want to ask about it. Jenn

  2. Have a good break, and remember Scotland has clothes shops!! we are having a normal day here, no visitors, bit to quiet for me.