Sunday, 1 August 2010

Aarrgh Highway to Hell !

Sorry guys not been around for a while - not been too well and exhausted. Today, we are taking hub's aunt back to Lowestoft - roughly 4 1/2 hour journey each way! ACDC''s song Highway to Hell always reminds me of the journey for some reason!!! We will be setting off in about 1/2 hour. The song was aptly played on Thurdsay morning by Chris Evans on Radio 2 as well just as I was pulling into work - very apt I thought!
Was hoping to have another go at the brick work today on Lake View but there's always next week!


  1. Hope your journey was not too bad, did the 303 last night, in car almost 5 hours to do a 2 hour journey.
    Regards Marlene

  2. Hi Marlene - it wasn't the best journey but won't be doing it again until December! 5 hours to do 2 hours - you poor thing! Just been reading both your blogs - they are beautiful and inspirational.