Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mini mail arrived & hospital visit

Went off to the Hospital today - tons of blood taken (thank goodness I hadn't drunk alcohol for a few days!) and x-rays. I think the two radiographers had a sadistic streak in them in asking me to get into a position that a person my age shouldn't be asked!!!!! I am pretty sure they did it for a laugh!

Anyway came home tonight and found a package with some miniature mail that I had ordered from Linda at Une Petite Folie. The mail is beautiful and cheered me up. Thank you Linda.

It was so weird because I had ordered the mini mail from Linda and the day after I ordered it Susan from Minicrochetmad had sent me a memento box and mini mail as a thank you and as I said earlier in a post is one of the nicest presents I have ever received. (Susan made the memento box from here). I have put up photos. Susan's mail is in place on a little stool/table I have painted but not yet finished and I also made the tea pot! Linda's mail is not in place yet (it will be going on a new desk I have ordered). The book cover was from Lizelund blog. I still haven't re-decorated the wall but will do.............eventually!

Anyway that's enough for now - I think I have waffled a bit tonight (that's what lack of sleep does) and also repeated myself!!!!!


  1. I am happy to see that the miniature mail arrived safely.....and to know that it cheered you up is such a thrill.

    Enjoy, Linda x

  2. Hope all goes well with the outcome of the hospital visit. :)

    I just got my mail from Linda the other day, too cute! :)

  3. Haha, I just posted about my miniature mail from Linda too :) Isn't it lovely?

    I like your bedside table scene. The teapot is great, how did you make it? I have a thing about teapots, I even take mine on holiday with me.

  4. Susan, I bought the teapot ages ago (supposed to be a pewter type one but very cheap) and then I was inspired with everyones blogs to paint it and rust it up bit!!!! I just saw the most divine proper teapot yesterday but it was very expensive! Don't blame you for taking your teapot on holiday!