Sunday, 11 July 2010

Purchases from York

Well, I am pretty pleased with myself. I more or less stuck to my shopping list although we did go down with the intention of buying the fibreglass sheets of bricks but changed our mind and bought the stencil and brick compound made by Bromley Craft Products. The chap who owns the shop spent a lot of time showing us all the different finishes and telling us what to do as well. I am pretty sure I have seen some of you out there using either this product or something similar and decided to take the bull by the horn and have a go!!!! I think reading everyones blogs has given me a bit more confidence!!! AARRGGHH.

I did see a lovely pink spotty flower pot and lillies and a matching watering can and would you believe it I forgot to buy them!!!! I might go back on Tuesday after I have been to the Hospital in Leeds!
Also bought the stain for the balcony and decking on the Lake View house but I am still not sure as I really like the natural colour of the balcony railings and window frames which is wood but the decking is mdf. Part of the front door is also wood but the top part is mdf again! So no idea what to really do with the mdf - suggestions on a postcard please!


  1. I bought this too, and plan to use it for a garden project, looking forward to seeing what you create. Wherever I have seen it used, the results are super! hugs Michelle

  2. I don't think you'll have any problems with the stencil and compound. I've used it on a couple of my properties and been very pleased with the results. Any questions, just ask.

  3. Seguro que sabes sacarle partido, yo he utilizado alguna vez una plantilla similar y me ha quedado bastante bien, estoy deseando ver tus resultados.
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