Friday, 2 July 2010

Amazing weight loss!!

Whoo hoo I have had an amazing weight loss this week - I lost 6lbs!!!!  After being ill I did lose 8 but by the end of the week after eating normally again the final loss was 6lbs!   I still have a mountain to climb but I am at the lowest weight I have been for two years!  I am so happy.  Wasn't nice being ill but ...........


  1. Congratulations and well done.

  2. Well, losing 6lbs almost make it worthwhile being ill! Great work!!

  3. Well Done you... I'm trying to loose weight and I've put 2lb on.......... I've been eating salad all week, whats that all about!
    I know its not the most ideal way to loose weight, but way to go all the same :)
    Lisa x

  4. Know that feeling well Lisa - thanks. Lost a further 1/2 lb this week so all in all pretty pleased!